Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pop-Tart Tuesday - Resurrection Rolls

Yeah for the very first Pop-Tart Tuesday!

A while back I was reading my all time favorite blog, I Am Momma Hear Me Roar. The writer, Cheri, is probably the most creative, productive person I have ever 'met'. On Fridays she features another blogger's idea. Whether it be a craft, recipe, or creation, she tries it out and let's her readers now how it goes. Before Easter Sunday she was trying out these amazing rolls from Kim at Feathers from My Nest and they looked like a lot of fun - so Justin and I made some together. (Isn't it the best when your hubby bakes with you?!)

To make these yummy rolls all you need is some frozen pastry dough, marshmallows, some butter, sugar and cinnamon. You take the dough, roll it completely around a marshmallow, brush some butter on it, roll it in cinnamon and sugar and bake for 15-20 minutes at 350. That's it! Isn't that amazing?

They're called Resurrection Rolls because after you bake them, they're hollow inside, illustrating the empty tomb after Jesus rose from the dead. What a fun treat for Easter! 

Here's how ours turned out:


(a post-baked roll with marshmallow oozing out the sides)

Now, for ours, I could not find the frozen pastry dough anywhere so I made the recipe for cinnamon rolls that I make on occasion. It worked out alright, but I think they would have been more puffy if I had used the dough from the store. We noticed that it was very important to cover the entire marshmallow with the dough, or the marshmallow would explode, leaving you with a tomb with a hole - I guess those ones could have been the tomb after the stone had been rolled away! :)

I really think this will be a good, food-y way to showcase the empty tomb. While it's too late to make them for this year's Easter (sorry 'bout that), you could either make them for a yummy treat or keep them in the archives for Eater 2012. 



P.S. I had never heard of these before but the curriculum for our kids' program at church had them as an activity to teach the kids about the empty tomb last Sunday. There was no way I would attempt this with 14, 3 through 6-year-olds, but if you have a few kiddos at home (or are the super-duper organized type) it would be a great activity.

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