Monday, May 2, 2011

Free Things are Lovely

I'm not sure if it's just me...
... but aren't free things just so much better?

They seem to sparkle more, taste more delicious, and just seem generally better than the items you have to pay for. Using coupons even adds a bit of a glimmer to an object. 

Recently, a friend put up a link on facebook to become a member of Rue La La. If you signed up you got a $20 credit for one of their boutiques. I signed up and have been stalking the site since mid-April to cash in on this sweet deal. Of course, $20 on this site won't get you very far, but I knew if I waited patiently enough, something would come up...

And today something did!!!

Really cute, really plaid, serving spoons for free! Yippee! 

They're a little brighter than I would normally choose but since I won't be using them every day, they're perfect! I'm already excited about making a salad and using these happy spoons to serve it. I think it will be make eating salad a whole lot more cheerful. :)

If you want to become a member of Rue La La it's super easy. Just follow THIS LINK to sign up. 

Happy Bargain Hunting!


P.S. Decided to abandon the whole signature thing... would love to add and HTML code of some sort for a fancy signature, but can't figure it out yet. Sigh.

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