Kid Talk

I am blessed to be able to work with children.
(... and to raise one of my own!)

Here is a brief sampling of some of the thoughtful, truthful, and hilarious things I hear. 
I hope these quotes give you a smile.

After showing my class Landon's ultrasound picture:
"Don't worry, he'll come out in color!"
Mikah, age 9

While prompting a 2nd grade class to remember Henry Ford's first name:
Me: "Does anyone remember Mr. Ford's first name?"
Student: "Fiesta?"

Teaching drawing to 2nd graders:
Nahum: "How did you learn to draw so good?"
Areece: "... because she's an artist."
Nahum: "Oh. Do you have your own television show?!"
Now that would be cool!

Teaching drawing to Kindergarteners:
Me: "Who are all these people you drew?"
Max: "These are the good guys and these are the bad guys."
Me: "Who's going to win?"
Max: "The good guys always win."

First day of teaching Kindergarten:
Me: "Wow, Moses, I like your picture."
Moses: "Thanks. I'm trying to copy the works of Dali."
Me: "Uh, wow... like Salvidor Dali?!"
Moses: "Yes. I also like Pollack."

Overheard while teaching drawing to 3rd graders:
"I think of art as high quality entertainment.
Very high quality."
Ethan, age 8