Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Tree Hunting

We got our Christmas tree last Saturday!

I absolutely ADORE going and getting the family Christmas tree. I remember going up in the mountains in Oregon when I was younger with my dad. We went (almost) every year - traipsing around the mountains, searching out the most perfect tree. I would inevitably find a 12-foot tree that was absolutely perfect. My loving dad would chop it down (about 3 feet off the ground). We'd drag it down the mountainside to his truck, chuck it on top and head home. When we arrived, he'd chop another foot or two off, haul it inside... and then... the Christmas tree decorating tension would begin. :) 

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about...
it's the, "a little more to the right", "no left", "it's still leaning" comments came from my little sister, my mom and myself while poor dad was stuck under the tree trying to tighten the screws. Eventually we'd settle on what we all deemed as perfection and start putting on lights, bulbs, family ornaments - the works.

I miss those days.

Anyway... last Saturday was perfect. We went to Home Depot right before to grab a rope ($10!) and saw a gorgeous 6 foot tall tree for $20! After a bit of debate we decided on going out for the experience of chopping down our own tree and left the gorgeous foliage behind and headed out to the mountains (aka a you-cut Christmas tree farm). 

We posed for pictures before getting really serious:

And then we started hunting:

Then we took a break to throw rocks in to the creek:

Finally we got really serious... and stomped in the dirt a little. :)

And... after much searching... we found our tree!

It was so exciting we threw the little man into the air!

We had a lot of fun!


Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Window

I feel really blessed that we have a giant window with a view to look out of...

... of course, the view comes with a price - walking up three flights of stairs with a solid 14-month-old - but it's a great work out too. Landon and I get to watch all sorts of things from the third floor: squirrels, the leaf blower man who comes once a week, and (Landon's favorite) the garbage truck. 

Last week, I put some paint in some ziploc bags and taped them up on the window. I put blue and yellow in one bag and red and yellow in the other. We had a lot of fun smooshing around the paint and talking about the colors and discovered that when colors mix, they make new colors! Pretty cool. :)

Here's smurky-faced, Landon. Just up from a nap. :)

I still have them up and he'll go over to them every once in a while, tap them, squish them, smile at them, and then run around like a crazy man. Love him!