Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pop-Tart Tuesday - Blueberry Parfaits

I sense a theme in many of my recipe posts - and that is the quick and easy theme!

These are the most wonderful, most healthy yummy thing that I've made lately. I don't want to even say that I made them, I just put them together - that's how easy it is.

All you need is:
Your favorite yogurt
Some cereal or granola
Frozen fruit of your choice

I layered the ingredients above and added a drizzle of honey to the top - mostly to make it look pretty - but it added a nice sweetness to the whole thing too. We just had these as a snack, but they would be a great breakfast treat, especially wonderful if you made them the night before. That way, you could stumble out of bed, turn on the coffee pot, open the refrigerator, and find this yummy treat all ready for you! Brilliant!


P.S. It's actually sunny here today!!!

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