Friday, June 17, 2011

EKG Cookies

My sister just graduated from nursing school! 

She did an absolutely amazing job over the last few years...
I know this because I tried reading one of her text books once and it took my about 15 minutes to read two sentences. And I had no idea what I had read. Sigh.

For her graduation party, my mom and I made her EKG cookies that we had seen online a while back. We had a bit of trouble with the dough because it was super sticky and didn't want to leave the counter to be baked, but we had a lot of fun and a ton of laughs making them. 

I got the sugar cookie recipe via i am mommy and it was absolutely delicious! (I have to admit, my mom made the cookie while I was trying to get Mr. Motion in bed...) We got the frosting recipe from the i am baker site. The frosting was easy to make and had a shiny look to it - which made me feel like I actually knew what I was doing. :)

Well, here they are:

My mom found the blog Sweet Tooth which shows different heart rhythms HERE. I had no idea what I was drawing but all of the nurses at the part appreciated the 'atrial fibrillation' and 'ventricular tachycardia'. :)

Congratulations, Katie R.N.! 
So proud of your accomplishments! 



  1. I just found your blog!!! Love it!

    Those cookies look awesome, by the way...

  2. SUCH cute cookies!