Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Busy Tuesday

Yesterday I got to help photograph a wedding...

... it felt so good to be taking pictures again. Of course I've been documenting practically every moment of Landon's life so far, but it was good to get out and take pictures of other people. And weddings are my absolute favorite! I love how every one is happy and all dressed up and how the bride is absolutely radiant.

And my the very bestest thing about being a wedding photographer is that you get to see everything - and I mean everything. You get to be a part of the day in a way that no one else does because you see all of the big moments (the kiss, the cake cutting, the first dance) but you also see the small moments like when the groom whispers in the bride's ear and she smiles, and when the father of the bride sheds a tear because he just gave his little girl away, and the look between the bride and groom right after the ceremony that says, 'we did it!' ... it just makes me so happy!


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