Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pop-Tarts - 1 Salad - 0

I'll be the first to admit that Thursdays tend to be survival days for our household. I have a very part-time job teaching drawing at an elementary school - a job that I thoroughly enjoy but one that throws our little family of three out of routine. (Any of you who have small children, once had small children, or have ever known a small child know the importance of routine and the sometimes catastrophic conclusions of throwing said little one off of that routine.)

We're really blessed because Justin gets to stay home and watch the kiddo on Thursdays while I head off to work. It's a wonderful situation that teaches everyone in the family to appreciate the others a little bit more - or a whole lot more if poop-apocalypse happens.

So, on this survival Thursday, hubby and I were headed home after he picked me up from work. Both of our stomachs were grumbling and I was getting a little grumpy... so we did it, we went to


Completely against his nature, Justin pulled into the golden arches for a quick snack for the commute home.

And while I had gotten kind of turned off to McDonald's after watching that documentary Super Size Me, (Did you see that?! Gross!) I wasn't complaining. In fact, I delightfully ordered a 4-piece chicken nugget with BBQ sauce and a small fry.


Here's to better snacking before dinner in the future...


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