Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Maiden Voyage

Well, here we go!

I was off and blogging on tumblr but it just wasn't the blog host for me. Happy to be here now and ready to get writing, creating, and food making! I named the blog Salad and Pop-Tarts because I have a sweet tooth or two... that's being modest: I have a mouth full of 'sweet tooths' and absolutely adore all things sweet and yummy and not to good for me. 

I, thankfully, married an amazing man though who enjoys all things healthy. Living life with him has been a blast so far. One of the things that I'm learning to enjoy and take part in is his quest for healthy living. And while I don't plan on joining a gym anytime soon, I am planning on doing my best on the home front by making healthy, well-balanced desserts meals.

He's the salad to my pop-tart. 

We were in the process of 'living happily ever after' when this little bundle of joy showed up:

The most active little man I've ever met!
He's my new motivation to live a healthy life and make some healthy meals - 
I want to be a good example, you know?

Until next time,

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