Thursday, August 4, 2011


So, we just got back from Oregon...
... and the trip was AMAZING!
... and I should probably be blogging about how AMAZING the trip was...

... but I'm a little distracted.

You see, my little man's birthday is coming up. :)
(Yes, it's two months away, but this is the very first birthday and you can see that I'm just a tid bit excited!)
And I've started thinking about decorating with streamers or a bunting and what we're going to serve as snacks and drinks and what color scheme I want everything to be and if I'm just crazy enough to have a theme of some sort and what that theme would be...

Just a little excited... :)

Anyway, I jumped onto picnik and started creating an invitation. Justin and I really like the modern look of a friend's Christmas card we got this last year so I thought I'd try to create it using Picnik.

Here it is:

This is just the first final draft.

I'm sure there will be a few more... 
seriously, just a few.

But then I have to go through the horrible process of actually deciding which one...
maybe each person will get a different one...
wouldn't that be fun?


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